8 IT questions all Sydney CEOs & business owners need answered

1. What does our current technology cost?

If you’re going to look at upgrading, downsizing or changing anything, you need to know where you’re starting from. That way you can make informed investment decisions.

2. What outcomes do those costs deliver?

Not sure? Solid IT infrastructure can;

  • Improve efficiencies – operationally, with staff or customers
  • Drive innovation
  • Support customer service or engagement
  • Assist or create scalability
  • Aid in staff retention

What does yours do?

3. Do I know where the vulnerability and weak points our technology systems and infrastructure are?

If you don’t know where they are, when the inevitable glitch in the system or infrastructure raises its ugly head, you can lose whole days finding it before you begin fixing it. Centrix makes sure you’re across these as early as possible and there’s a contingency plan in place to deal with them.

4. Is there a plan currently in place to deal with them?

If your initial response to that question was “not yet” – you probably won’t be surprised to hear that’s a fairly standard response. But now you’ve asked the question, you might want to think about your options. Centrix can help you think through that planning if you need it.

5. Who’s driving that plan?

If you have a plan, its owner/driver could be you, your operations manager or your IT manager or your current outsourced provider. The thing you need to consider here though is that each brings with them a different perspective to the table.

You might need to just get it done quickly or cost might be the biggest factor. Your ops manager might want to keep the staff or the customer marketing team happier than everyone else and your IT manager might be looking at alternatives that allow them complete control over their systems.

Centrix balances all those competing needs out and gives you what’s necessary, not what’s interesting, trendy, likely to be needed at some point. Our agenda is completely powered by you.

6. What will it cost to develop a plan like that (or restore our IT systems should it be required)?

There is no quick answer to this as it depends on how many staff/users you have, how quickly you need to be back-up and running and a host of other factors. But we’re more than happy to assess your business’ individual requirements.

7. Where in their lifespan are our current technology assets?

Many people think that squeezing the last few drops out of their technology, which granted, is a significant cost of enterprise, seems like a reasonable thing to do. However, often there’s a point at which dealing with the issues on a frequent basis turns your asset into an inefficient liability. Centrix can help you ascertain where in its lifecycle your assets are.

8. Does all of our data comply with legislation?

One of the frustrations with technology is that the legislation is often slow to catch up with the technology and sometimes retro-fitting a legislative fix to your technology which had been working well can interfere with system efficiency.

If you’re not sure of your answers to these questions or you have others that you need answering, call Centrix for a free 36 point network health check today on 02 9492 7000 or click here to make an appointment.

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