Cloud Migrations

“The Cloud” has become an overarching term used to describe a multitude of options. Options for moving to the cloud include public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, software as a service and desktop as a service.

Because there are so many different types of cloud services it’s important to have a partnership with some who understands all the options and understand your business. Centrix can recommend a solution that is suitable to your unique needs.



image1-16 Initial needs assessment – Centrix will complete a comprehensive audit of your current IT before recommending an appropriate cloud solution.
image3-20 Fully budgeted customised project plan – Centrix will provide you with a fixed cost for the entire project and will customise implementation to suit your business needs.
image5-24 Customised solutions – Every client is different and every business is unique. Our solutions will be customised to your business needs
image7-28 Structured migration – Your migration to the cloud will be implemented within an agreed timeline and schedule, by an experienced project manager, who keep you updated throughout the whole process
image8-30 Minimal business interruption – Work that requires downtime can be completed out of your business hours to minimise lost productivity
image2-18 Cash flow and cost control – With most cloud services there are no upfront costs, no ongoing costs for upgrades and reduced costs to manage equipment.
image4-22 Increased Productivity – Staff can work from anywhere. Less time upgrading, patching and managing your IT means IT staff can focus on other things.
image6-26 Increased scalability and flexibility – the cloud makes it easy to scale your IT up or down depending on your business needs


Contact Centrix for more information on the options and process for migrating to the cloud.