1. Meet The Team – Badr Yousif, Systems Consultant


    Meet Badr Yousif, one of our very busy Systems Consultants. Find out why Badr has a reputation for being “Mr Likeable”. When did you start at Centrix? I started in July 2015. I was working on managing the internal IT at another company and the company decided to outsource the management of their IT to…

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  2. centrix - mobile friendly tool analyzing

    Google now has a new tool to rate the mobile friendliness of your website. The tool checks the pages of your site and will make recommendations on how you can optimise your site for mobile. All you need to do is enter your web page URL and the tool will immediately generate the report for…

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  3. Franz - messaging platforms

    The growth of messaging platforms globally has been truly remarkable. It seems that every year, at least one new messaging app is being introduced to the market, whilst the existing competitors are continuously improving and upgrading their platforms. Here’s a look at how popular messaging apps have grown since they were launched (Source: Guardian.com): Messaging…

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