1. Is Your IT Service Provider actually a Brake on Your Business?


    Earlier this year, Sydney SME employees were invited through a social media campaign called ‘I Hate My IT’ to vent their frustration about IT at work.  The video got 62,000 engagements in six weeks from employees overwhelmingly fed up with problematic IT and bad support. Some of these people could be working for you. The…

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    There’s a major culprit behind lost productivity and high staff turnover in your business, a culprit no one dares to name. It’s the elephant in the room, ignored for a variety of reasons: apathy, frustration, anger, or simply because no one has the time or stamina to tackle this enormous creature. The elephant? Information Technology….

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  3. Don’t let bad IT support sabotage your business

    There’s a problem at the heart of your organisation that’s costing you $3,456 per employee per year.1 Forget extended coffee breaks and cat videos, the real drain on productivity is your employees’ daily struggle with IT problems. Twenty-two minutes a day, 119 hours a year, employees are wasting time trying to solve problems that are…

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