Business Internet

Centrix is experienced in deploying internet connections that can be customised to the unique and complex needs of your business.

Our Internet options include:

  • 4G
  • ADSL
  • Ethernet
  • Fixed Wireless Ethernet
  • Fibre Optic Internet
  • Private IP Internet
  • NBN

Centrix can assess and evaluate your current network and business requirements, while recommending and implementing a unique solution with minimal business interruption.



 image7-28 Comprehensive range of internet access methods – Including the use of copper, fibre optics and wireless.
 image7-28 The best and latest technology and infrastructure – Including 4G and the National Broadband Network.
 image5-24 Fast and reliable connections – Which cater for multiple locations and remote access points.
 image7-28 Greater anonymity and security – By choosing a private network Internet connection (Private IP).
 image9-32 Local support – On-hand technical experts and a local helpdesk to offer service and support.
 image9-32 Focus on your business, not your internet – We manage all components of your internet, including network monitoring, management and reporting.
 image4-22 Increased productivity – As a direct result of having an internet connection with increased functionality, faster speeds and greater reliability.
 image6-26 Sustained competitive advantage Enhanced customer service with a reliably-supported business internet service, catered specifically to your business requirements.
 image8-30 Flexibility  Whether you scale up or scale down, when your business changes, Centrix ensures your internet requirements change with it.


To get the right internet option for your business, feel free to contact Centrix today.