Why your Telco provider shouldn’t implement your new phone system

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Our phones are more essential than ever before as a business tool. More and more businesses are moving to sophisticated telephony systems with unlimited smart features that run on Internet Protocol (IP) networks that are also fully integrated with the overall IT systems of a business.

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), Australian businesses have been upgrading to better telephony systems such as VoIP, since 2010, and the number is still growing.

New system, new players

With the increasing demand for telephony services, new players are coming into picture. Telco companies who are moving beyond basic voice and data services and are now selling themselves as experts in this new market.

Telco companies may be experienced in communication systems. However, they’re not experts in IT. If you’re looking to implement a phone system that can address your current requirements including full mobility, you need to find a partner who understands both your IT platform and your business communications needs.

Below demonstrates how an IT expert service can be different from that of a telco provider:

 IT consultant/expert  Telecommunications provider 
Takes time to understand your business/communications needs and offers more customised approach. You may be only limited to the packages available or will have very few options to customise based on your needs
Deploys a dedicated team of IT experts to ensure hassle-free installation.

Assigns you with their junior staff who are not trained or qualified in IT.

They will recommend the best platform for your business,integrate it with your other systems to give     you greater efficiencies. They are focused on selling their solution,not the solution that’s the best fit for your business.
Ensures smooth roll out your solution and manages     the project before and after installation. Telecommunications companies are notoriously difficult to deal with when it comes to after sales support. Whereas an IT service and support company is in the business of providing ongoing services and support.
Even if you have found a phone vendor,  an IT expert can assist you in implementing the new solution. You are dependent on the vendors they will recommend.
Can design a training program for your staff so they   can adapt to the new system in no time. May not offer this service.
Your IT consultant will handle all communications with the carrier (e.g. Telstra, Optus) on your behalf. You will have to deal with the carrier yourself.


If you are looking to upgrade your telephony system, consider the following in evaluating a possible partner:

  • Can they provide independent advice and how experienced are they in both IT and telephony? Your telephony system plays a crucial role in your business. So take your time in evaluating qualified partners/suppliers. You should only entrust this important aspect of your business with someone who has demonstrated expertise and experience in implementing these kinds of projects. Since a new telephony system integrates with your current IT platform, it makes sense to work with a single partner. Background check before anything else. Find out how long they are in the business, who their clients are and, what their clients are saying about them.
  • What variety of vendors, telecommunication providers and network providers can they offer? Most of the time, you’ll only know what you really need if you’re presented with a variety of options. A good partner should be able to offer you extensive choices as well as assist you in evaluating these choices. They should be able to help you customise a solution that will best fit your communication needs.
  • How committed are they to helping you grow your business? This means offering unparalleled after-sales support such as notifying you when subscriptions or licenses or support comes to an end. This provides you with insight and time well in advance to either renew a technology or look for an alternative. It’s also incredibly important for your technology partner to consult with you on your current and future technology needs, and help you build a plan for the future.

With so many providers/suppliers vying for your attention, it’s easy to be swayed by the cheapest quote or be sweet-talked into buying a telephony system which might not be compatible with your existing IT platform. Tread carefully. Savings are good but your decision could cost you more money in the end. Stay focussed and invest only in a telephony system with features and capabilities that can meet both your short- and long-term goals.

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