Why your business needs NBN

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NBN update - April 2016The National Broadband Network (NBN) is the Government’s initiative to provide high speed broadband access to all homes and businesses in Australia. The project was started early 2012 and is expected to be completed in roughly 2021. By then, all existing traditional landline networks for phone and internet services will be switched off and everyone will have to change their services to the NBN.

Despite controversies and reports of major delays, NBN CEO Bill Morrow assures Australians that NBN has met if not exceeded every schedule set over the past two years. Whilst in a separate interview with news.com.au, a spokesperson from NBN assures “One in four homes will be able to access the NBN network by July this year, a number that the company says will increase to three in four homes by September 2018”.

NBN connects homes and businesses to the network using a mix of fibre-optic cable, fixed wireless and satellite infrastructure.

The NBN Co. lists the following milestones as of 31 December 2015 in their latest media release:

  • Growth across all key metrics, including end-user activations (up 128%) and total revenue (up 152%)
  • The company expanded its industry partnerships and achieved pivotal milestones such as the successful launch of the first nbn™ satellite, Sky Muster™.
  • The Fibre-to-the-Node footprint is also now growing at pace with total activations for the nbn™ network averaging 10,000 per week.
  • The number of premises that can order an nbn™ service reached nearly 1.7 million, adding 450,000 homes and business to the nbn footprint in the period.
  • The number of homes and businesses with an active nbn™ service increased to 736,000, with nbn breaking the 10,000 activations per week threshold in December 2015 (12-week rolling average) and will continue to climb.

This NBN rollout map outlines which areas are currently connected to the NBN network:NBN Rollout Map - April 2016

To find out if your area is now being serviced by NBN, enter your address HERE.

What the NBN will deliver for business

In today’s highly-competitive environment, every business needs a fast and reliable broadband connection to support its operations. Therefore, if you own a business, and NBN is already available in your area, it’s time to ditch your old telecommunications services and switch to NBN so you won’t be left behind.

There are 7 ways high speed internet speed can boost your business:

1. Faster download and upload times offered by the NBN means you can tackle the everyday tasks of running a business faster, and spend less time waiting around.

2. Communicate effectively with suppliers and customers and support remote workers/staff via video conferencing with less buffering and better image quality.

3. Big data will no longer be just a dream! You will no longer be limited by large file sizes for your marketing and communications. You will be able to use HD video and images, share and access larger files with staff and clients.

4. You can take advantage of cloud-based services or solutions (e.g. storage, servers, applications, etc.). Send your all your files and documents to the cloud, and have access to them anytime, anywhere.

5. Offer superior service to your customers by providing Wi-Fi when they’re in your store or office.

6. You can venture into e-commerce with confidence.

7. Avail budget-friendly plans for business-grade NBN broadband which will allow you to do more without adding a lot of cost to your bottom line.

Once the NBN is available in your area, you can contact your prefered NBN service provider such as Telstra and Optus to enquire about the installation process. They tell which technology will service your area including your installation options (e.g. self install, professional install, priority assistance, etc.

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