Why you should think strategically about your IT

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strategic IT - CentrixInformation systems have become the strategic weapon of market leaders in every industry. More than ever businesses around the world are being challenged to deliver high-performance, real-time computing systems to their users whilst controlling costs.

Yet, many small to medium businesses fail to consider IT when they are working on their overall business strategy. IT impacts key areas of the business such as:

– Productivity
– Staff motivation and morale
– Culture: having a common understanding of “how we do things around here”, with the communication and collaboration systems to support it builds a strong culture.

Many businesses work on a “break/fix” approach vs a proactive, strategic approach when it comes to IT and may not realize how much underperforming systems and support can have on the team and the business?.

The dangers of this approach include:

  • Lost productivity from unexpected outages, under-performing systems or an inflexible IT environment
  • Lost data or a lack of a single company view of critical data sitting on individual employee’s systems
  • Difficulties with scaling quickly should you need to keep your systems in line with growth
  • Having unexpected IT costs limit your access to working capital thus limiting your ability to take advantage of other business growth opportunities
  • Low staff morale as a result of frustration

At Centrix we know that high performing and “fit for business” IT systems are essential for a business to deliver on their overall strategy. We start with gaining a deep understanding of the business activities, staff experience with IT and how services are delivered. The Company’s IT systems are then reviewed and rated on how well the current systems, infrastructure and process can deliver on the business strategy and provide appropriate recommendations.

A strategic IT review involves:

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How a strategic IT review unlocks decision making

A strategic IT review gives management a comprehensive, independent detailed report.

This report can help decision makers understand:

– The level to which IT hinders or helps deliver to business goals
– The key actions required to address any obstacles
– A recommended process for each action
– Estimated costs and resources to be budgeted for
– What needs to be prioritised

It’s clear that business strategy and IT systems and processes are inextricably linked and should be reviewed periodically much like other core business functions are. (e.g. Marketing reviews conducted, marketing plans budgets and regular reports are created).

Centrix are able to help with a detailed independent strategic IT review should you be seeking to improve your business performance.