What to expect from Windows 10

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Windows 10Microsoft has now unwrapped their plan for a new OS. But it’s not going to be called “Windows 9” as everyone guessed. The Redmond-based tech giant decided the new version of Windows will be known as Windows 10.

In a press event on the 30th of September where the updated OS was announced, Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive vice president for operating systems declared Windows 10 will be enterprise-focused and is going to be Microsoft’s most comprehensive platform ever.

Microsoft is positioning Windows 10 as an important new version for developers, that’s built for mobile and cloud and set to work across all devices – phones, tablets, all-in-ones, laptops, and desktops. It will also include a safety net between personal and company data so all confidential information stays secured.

Myerson has characterised Windows 10 as a work-in-progress that will be built taking into consideration the feedback of corporate-technology buyers and other loyal Windows users through the Windows Insider Program. When you sign up to this program, you will receive the latest Windows preview (as soon as it’s available) and will be encouraged to give feedback about your experience. This collaborative effort to develop a product is something Microsoft hasn’t done before. So if everything goes as planned, Windows 10 could prove to be the largest crowd-sourcing project in history for software development. Another milestone to their “One Product Family, One Platform, One Store” vision.

But we won’t be seeing Windows 10 just yet. Microsoft plans to release their new OS in mid-2015. Here’s what we know so far:

● The Start Menu is back (redesigned) with smaller versions of the Windows Live Tiles that can be resized and customised.

● They’ve revamped the command prompt.

● Everything will now run in a window, including Windows Store apps.

Snapping (expanding the open windows to fill the screen or viewing windows side-by-side) now supports up to four simultaneous apps (and you’ll be able to see other apps available for snapping).

● You can have multiple desktops courtesy of the new Snap Assist UI, and there’s a new “task-view” button on the taskbar that will let you switch between open files as well as alternative desktops.

File Explorer will now display your most recent files and frequently visited folders.

Windows 8 Charms bar will still be available.

According to Microsoft, those who sign up for the Windows Insider Program will be able to test a version for laptops and desktops first. Then, a version for servers will be released later. Here’s a quick look at some of the features of Windows 10.

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