What is Desktop as a Service?

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cloudWhat is Desktop as a Service?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is an IT system where an organisation’s complete operating system is accessed over the internet (or in the cloud). So in essence, it doesn’t matter if you’re working on a desktop in the office or on a tablet at the airport – all your applications, files and software is consistent and accessible.

DaaS is also known as a ‘virtual desktop’ or ‘hosted desktop services.’ Here at Centrix, we simply call it ‘Centrix cloudDesk.’ Frequently delivered as a cloud service, DaaS gives businesses of all sizes cloud-based access to business apps and desktops to be used on any device and from anywhere.

DaaS benefits your whole organisation:

DaaS benefits for employees:

  • DaaS provides a high-quality experience on any device
  • Access a consistent interface regardless of the device
  • Work from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Become hardware independent – if hardware fails, you can operate as normal as no files or applications are hosted on a physical device
  • Automatically receive upgrade to the latest technology without interruptions

DaaS benefits for your IT team:

  • DaaS is scalable, simple to deploy and highly secure
  • Fast roll-out and maintenance and monitoring is easy and less expensive
  • Improves control – your network and operating system can’t be compromised by staff downloading unapproved software or malicious malware
  • Enables instant software upgrades
  • Reduces hardware requirements/costs – machines need less processing power due to the visualisation of all software
  • It’s fully managed, keeping employees focused on important projects while letting your IT environment be handled by your Managed IT partner

DaaS benefits for the organisation:

  • DaaS improves agility and productivity, and lowers costs
  • Enables agility
  • Improves productivity via increased mobility and access
  • Provides cost control – reduced capital expenditure as your It becomes a monthly “service” expense
  • Provides cost security – fixed per-user / per-month fee
  • Improves mobility


A fully managed desktop computing service in the cloud will simplify a company’s IT infrastructure, while allowing its staff to access all their applications and documents anywhere, anytime and on any device. With DaaS, an organisation can access all the programs they need, with none of the headaches of maintaining them. The service provider (i.e. Centrix) hosts the programs and applications, leaving you to simply login and work away on any device, at any time where there is an internet connection.

Why would you consider DaaS (Centrix cloudDesk)?

The appeal of DaaS is two-fold. Firstly, maintaining traditional desktops is costly. Desktop administration can be time-consuming, even with applications for remote monitoring, diagnosing and patching. With DaaS, security tasks like patching, antivirus updates and configuration changes can be applied to a single master image rather than to individual devices.

A second key business driver for DaaS is its lower capital expenditures. Traditional Remote Desktop Solutions or Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) requires an enterprise to maintain servers in-house. With DaaS, implementation, maintenance and support is all this is handled by your provider. Centrix has made Cloud the go-to option for many businesses by offering a simple monthly ongoing or operational cost that is directly tied to a clients’ headcount.

Desktop as a Service is a good alternative for a small or mid-size business that want to provide their end-users with all the advantages a virtual desktop infrastructure has to offer, just without the hassle of having to deploy a traditional Remote Desktop Solution or VDI, in-house, which is often a costly and time-consuming exercise.

The growth of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives and a need for increased mobility is driving many organisations to re-evaluate their end-user computing strategies. DaaS offers the promise of Virtual desktop technology but hosts it in the cloud, saving you the cost and stress of having to actually build the physical infrastructure and software. This is a big plus for many business owners, as with DaaS, you get all the benefits of desktop virtualisation without the headaches.

DaaS enables all businesses to embrace a mobile work style by allowing your employees access to various apps and data from a secure, customised cloud desktop, on any mobile device.

How it works?

DaaS functionality relies on a user-controlled virtual desktop that transforms on-demand cloud services for users and organisations. This is an efficient model whereby the service provider manages all the back-end responsibilities.

In the DaaS delivery model, the service provider (Centrix) manages the back-end responsibilities of data storage, backup, security as well as upgrades for the DaaS service and supported applications. And while the provider handles all the back-end infrastructure costs and maintenance, customers have the option to manage their own desktop images, applications and security (front-end) or they can allow the provider to manage those desktop management services as part of the subscription.

What is the Cloud

Migrating from your current system to DaaS

If DaaS suits your requirements, the next step is to consider how you will migrate from your existing desktop infrastructure to DaaS. It’s important that a structured approach to migration is taken as this will help reduce the risk associated with maintaining service levels, ensure security controls are in place and help adapt to new system administration tools and practices.

Speak to us today about DaaS (Centrix cloudDesk)

Desktop as a Service is simple to buy and easy to manage, with no software for IT to maintain and no back-end infrasturcure to worry about. If your business is considering cloud-based hosted desktops as a service, we can help you make the right choice for your business and assist you with the migration from your existing desktop infrastructure to DaaS. With Centrix, we manage the service every step of the way.