Top Tech Trends in 2014

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Top Tech Trends for 2014

The past year has seen a steady stream of innovations in technologies for businesses. While there were companies which had a hard time catching up with the changes, those who were receptive benefited immensely in terms of reducing operational costs and enhancing business competencies.

For any business to be competitive, it’s important to adapt its IT infrastructure to the inevitable changes in technology.

Here are some of the major tech trends we believe companies should be aware of in 2014.

  • Prioritising Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Program

Regardless of the size of your organisation, implementing clear-cut policies for employees who bring their own devices to workplace, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, is important to you. The fact is, these devices are no longer just for personal use. Most employees use their devices to access their corporate emails or download sensitive data—both of which bring security risks.

In 2014, IT departments must accommodate this change and boost IT security to avoid exposing their businesses to internal and external threats. Although investing in relevant mobile device management software to establish complete control over these devices may require investment, it will be worth more in the long run and could turn out to be one of your most valuable investments.

  • Utilisation of Big Data will increase

Due to the unlimited data storage options and various data mining tools and analytics that are available to businesses these days, accumulating large amounts of data will no longer be an obstacle in the future. You may check out numerous free and open source data mining tools available to businesses like RapidMiner, RapidAnalytics, Weka, PSPP, KNIME, Orange, Apache Mahout, jHepWork, and Rattle.

Industry experts believe more and more companies will now start acknowledging the benefits of business intelligence derived from big data in gaining advantage over their competitors.

  • Cloud will become the new hardware

Cloud computing spending is expected to rise in 2014. The trend to relocate IT infrastructure to the cloud will continue and so will issues within security, migration and integration as a result.

Thus, evaluating the type of cloud service that’s most suitable will become increasingly important.

Right now experts see a shift in focus from private cloud to hybrid cloud which employs both private and public clouds to gain the benefits of each model. This does not necessarily mean hybrid is best for all companies. Remember that there will always be pros and cons to each model. That’s why proponents of cloud computing are also advising companies to make a thorough study of which model best suits their data needs and budget to maximise the benefits. Assess your Cloud Readiness NOW!

  • Systems integration between business to business will flourish

Now seeing the benefits of sharing information and integrating networks with partners and clients, we expect to see more companies to follow suit. Allowing relevant parties to access the information you host is beneficial to all as it ensures efficient and seamless collaboration on projects.

This integration will be made possible through the help of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions which have been gaining ground in the past years. But for it to be successful, a company must be able to invest in a solid B2B systems integration technologies and strategy to effectively translate and communicate data with third parties and partners.

Some of the major players in the marketplace right now behind the latest systems integration boom are Accenture, Atos, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Computed Sciences Corporation (CSC) and LogicaCMG.

Keep in mind that the key to surviving potential disruptions in business operations and avoiding unexpected major tech investments is awareness of the tech trends that are affecting how we do business in the future and the ability to strategise and plan to take advantage of these technologies rather than scramble to keep up.

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