Top 10 IT productivity tips for business

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IT ideally should be boosting your productivity and helping you to work faster and smarter. Often we associate IT with problems that reduce productivity and increase frustration. Getting the help of an expert can make all the difference when it comes to making the most of technology in your business.  To make sure IT is giving you time, not wasting it, here’s our top 10 expert tips for using IT to improve productivity in your business.

1.     Make sure you have backups
Nothing wastes time more than trying to recover lost data or having to recreate work.  Making sure you have great systems for ensuring all of your data is backed up and recoverable will save you hours in retrieving lost files or having to recreate them.

2.     Make the most of cloud based software
By using the latest in cloud based services such as Microsoft Office 365 for emails and communication applications such as Microsoft Lync, your team can easily collaborate on projects and keep information and presentations online and easily accessible by all.

 3.     Enable remote access
Make sure your staff can access company resources such as files and applications from wherever they are. There are lots of options to facilitate remote access including remote desktops, web-based email, cloud based software or other applications such as Logmein or gotomypc. These allow you to access your office computer from any computer at any location. Remote access will help your staff keep working on projects and communicating if they are not in the office.

 4.     Leverage IP telephony
Maximise the time your staff can be reached and can communicate using the latest IP telephony software and hardware. Smarter phone systems now mean users from multiple locations can be added onto the one network and can communicate seamlessly as if working in the one office. You can also change your presence based on your activities so staff always know where you are, and also when to not disturb you!

 5.     Devices are your friend
IPads, iPhones and other tablets make it easier for staff to communicate and work when they are not at their desk. There are also literally thousands of productivity apps that they can tap into through these devices.

Some of the top productivity apps include Evernote (a cool way of tagging and organising any type of data from images to articles to tweets), CloudOn which allows you to create Microsoft documents such as PowerPoint, Excel and others from an iPad or iPhone. CheckMark incorporates GPS technology with to do lists so you can customise task reminders by location. The list is endless and ever increasing.

6.     Give everyone an extra screen
Think of how much time you spend toggling between software applications and documents on your screen. By having 2 screens you can stop wasting time toggling back and forth, not to mention reducing paper and printing.

 7.     Use server based storage
Where your staff store their files and data is incredibly important when it comes to productivity. Dedicated and cloud based servers enable central storage of all company data which is easily accessed. Don’t let staff store files on their local desktop to avoid the risk of losing data should anything happen to their computer.

 8.     Limit distractions
We’re all guilty of distracting ourselves from important tasks from time to time. Social Media and those distracting alerts when an email drops into your inbox all add to the problem. Configure your systems so that email alerts are turned off and set up firewalls or tap into software that allows you to restrict access to social media sites.

 9.     Use task management systems
Online calendar’s and task managers are excellent time management tools that almost every office worker uses or has access to.  Maximise these tools for time management by integrating your online daily task list to appear in your calendar at allocated times.  This allows you to stay focused and manage your time efficiently.  You can also integrate task lists with project/workflow management tools such as SharePoint to manage time and priorities across teams.

 10.  Meet online
There’s so many ways you can now conduct face to face meetings from any location, meaning its easier now than ever to avoid travel time. Take advantage of full video conferencing systems to free applications like Skype, Google hangouts and FaceTime or use more sophisticate software such as Microsoft Lync, Citrix GoToMeeting or Webex. Free up your time and increase collaboration not to mention the huge savings in your travel costs.

Our top 10 really just scratch the surface in ways you can improve how productive you can be and consequently more competitive.

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