The risks of running a business with a single IT person

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single IT guyHere’s the truth; a business whose IT is being managed by a single person is not particularly surprising nor uncommon. Most start-ups and small businesses begin with limited resources so it’s often likely that the owners would invest in the latest technology and getting the right staff rather than hire a small team to support their IT.

When a small business is just starting up, its understandable to work around your resources and try to be as cost-effective as possible. But as that business grows, so does your IT requirements. Your IT will more than likely also become more complex and one person may not be enough to keep the IT lights on.

Just think of the IT threats your business is facing every day

1. Physical threats – Those that result from physical access or damage to information resources, such as servers, network equipment, and computer rooms that can compromise your security.

2. Electronic or cyber threats – Those that compromise your business information or operations from outside your network/premises through phishing, hacking, data theft and so on.

3. Technical failure – When a machine or equipment suddenly breaks down or malfunctions (e.g. losing important data stored in a defective hard drive.)

4. Infrastructure failure – When you experience slowness or a total loss of internet connectivity.

5. Human error – An honest mistake caused by a user which resulted in irrevocable loss of data.

If you only have yourself or one employee to take care of your IT, you’re potentially putting your business at risk. For instance…

  • What happens when your IT person suddenly falls ill or leaves your company? Can you manage? Do you have anyone who can take on his/her tasks?

Your business could stop running.

  • Can your technology keep up if your business suddenly experiences rapid growth? Can your IT person help you make the right technology investment?

Your business could lag behind the competition and new business will dry up.

  • What happens if your IT person doesn’t have the training and expertise required to keep your infrastructure assets running at optimal levels?

Your business will not get enough from your IT investments.

  • What happens when your system becomes obsolete? Can your IT person smoothly transition to a new technology, server or system?

Your business could face more costs.

  • How about when a disaster strikes? Are you prepared? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? Will it work? Can your IT person ensure your business continuity and uninterrupted productivity?

Your business runs the risk of not recovering successfully.

  • Can you go on a holiday and not worry about your business?

Anything can go wrong.

Your answers to these questions will reveal whether or not it might be wise to begin a discussion about outsourcing your IT requirements. Step back and look at how you are managing your IT investments. Entrusting the technology of your business to a single person is a risky decision you may live to regret.

When your IT runs into trouble, you need a quick response team to fix the issues right away. A single IT person may not be able to do this.

It’s a good idea to collaborate with experts to manage your IT investments. Find people who will ensure that your technology is running smoothly whilst you grow your business.

If you think your IT is a weak spot for you, CALL US TODAY and we will help you assess your options.