The Importance of Vendors in IT Consulting

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Choosing the right IT consultant

Whether you’re doing it for the first time of simply in the process of re-evaluating your current supplier, selecting a competent IT partner can be a tedious undertaking.

A small business owner can’t afford a long and arduous process of selection but equally can’t afford to get it wrong.

Here’s 5 things you need to look at when looking for an IT partner.

  1. Background – Look for experienced suppliers who have been in business a long time.  You need a stable partner especially if you’re entering into a long-term contract.  Know if they’re growing or downsizing.  Reliability should likewise be a key factor in choosing a partner.  Reliable IT partners deliver the right services on time, as guaranteed.
  2. Clients – Review the profiles of their existing clients.  Is there anyone like you in terms of industry sector, size and complexity?  If they have satisfied clients in similar business that’s a good indicator they can provide you with useful solutions.  Do your own research or get references from other companies.
  3. Price – Go for competitively priced suppliers that will provide you with the quality you need.  Affordability is a key consideration if you are focused on managing your finances, but be careful not to confuse cheap with best value for money.  Check for hidden or additional fees.  If you want onsite support from a local technician with good communication skills and responsive remote support you’ll need a quality provider.
  4. Competence – Do they have partner certifications relevant to the solution(s) you are looking to implement?  Do they have a dedicated team to focus on your needs?  Can they scale for a client’s emerging needs?  Make sure they provide necessary training to your staff.
  5. Partners – This is probably the most crucial factor to take into consideration.  Look at the vendors they work with.  This will tell you what value-added benefits you’ll be getting out of the partnership.  A variety of vendors gives you more choice in applications and a greater understanding of how they might integrate with each other.

Finding the Best IT Partner

At Centrix, we believe that a quality IT partner should have accreditations with a wide variety of leading I.T vendors. Thus, we are proud to be partners with the world’s leading global IT brands/vendor.

Our partners are a strong mix of industry leaders known to create advanced and quality technology solutions especially for small businesses and medium-sized companies. We settle for nothing less, and we keep on improving. We regularly benchmark a vendor’s performance against industry standards and best practices because we know that by partnering with companies who have strong capabilities and credibility, we’re enabling our clients to compete in a globalised market.

If you are interested in working with an IT partner who works as hard as you do, contact us for a free expert IT consultation.