The Elephant in the Room that is Costing Your Business Thousands

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There’s a major culprit behind lost productivity and high staff turnover in your business, a culprit no one dares to name.

It’s the elephant in the room, ignored for a variety of reasons: apathy, frustration, anger, or simply because no one has the time or stamina to tackle this enormous creature.

The elephant? Information Technology. IT.


What happens if we ignore the elephant?

The Achilles heel of business, IT is the one thing even the most outspoken employees won’t dare bring up, leaving issues unresolved and costing you thousands in productivity.

Look, we get it – confronting the elephant makes you nervous; you’d rather let it make itself at home than bear the pain of evicting a thing that big.

But what if ignoring the elephant is costing you? Really costing you. Because the more it’s ignored, the more it grows, consuming your resources with a ravenous appetite, stripping its workplace habitat of enthusiasm and ideas.

The cost is real: recruitment firm Robert Half Technology found workers lose an average of two weeks per year of productive work time because they are dealing with technology hassles.1

This is what ignoring bad IT service is doing to your business: problems are swept under the rug, band-aids applied, until one day there’s a catastrophe no one can fix – even though everyone saw it coming.


The elephant is dragging down your business

In Australia, IT problems cost business $3,456 every year for each employee.2 If you run a SME with 30 staff, that’s $103,680 annually in lost productivity.

Servers that disconnect on a whim; software updates that take your computer hostage and demand money for its release; files that no longer open on the ancient XP OS you’re using… These are all signs that the elephant has made itself at home.

Staff stress levels rise, your workplace becomes associated with frustration, anger and inefficiency. Sick days are taken as people opt to spend less time in the office. But can we blame them?

Nobody wants to waste their time at work trying to sort out IT problems when it’s not their job. Attrition rates rise, you find yourself having to rely on average or worse recruits to fill positions vacant.

So it’s time. It’s time to look the elephant in the eye and find an effective IT solution to get rid of it. You need an elephant whisperer, a mighty IT Tarzan to sort the beast out. But you don’t have to take on that responsibility by yourself; there is a solution and it’s simpler than you think.


Bid a not-so-fond farewell to Dumbo

A productive, responsive IT service does exist, an organisation that puts people at the centre of IT; one that understands your business needs, identifies risk and solves your problems. That organisation is us. Centrix

We can come in and provide a situational risk assessment of your current IT infrastructure, as well as recommending the right approach to support – and we LIKE to come to your place of business to better service your needs.


Why don’t you talk to us as a starting point?

Our report costs just $350 and provides an IT risk profile based on an overview of potential failure points, identifies growth constraints in your current IT, suggests appropriate levels of proactive maintenance and recommends a suitable support structure.

The elephant won’t go away?

Contact us and we’ll move the weight.



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  2. Average Australian wage: ABS