The benefits of outsourcing IT support to a MSP

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Yes, Centrix Solutions are an IT company specialising in managed IT services. Notwithstanding this obvious bias, we believe that the case for businesses and companies to outsource their IT needs has never been greater than it is today.

If you are a small to medium sized business, it is both challenging and costly to maintain an IT department and stay current with the latest technology, trends and skills.

Month-to-month IT expenses, continual staff training, servers going down, security issues. Sound familiar? You name it and it’s probably occurred to your business at one time or another.

Managed services providers do not eliminate all problems to do with IT (Oh, what a world that would be!), but rather they can foresee a problem before it reaches its tipping point, can respond in a quick and timely manner and get everything back on track with very little disturbance to the day-to-day running of a business.

It’s because of this, that many growing businesses are beginning to appreciate the many advantages of outsourcing their IT support to a managed services provider. The decision to move to an outsourced model can provide a number of long-term benefits towards growth, scalability, and security into the future.

We don’t want to sit here and tell you that small IT departments are made up of low-grade, poorly trained professionals. Because that is simply not true. The question should be: can my in-house team handle our IT support issues? The short answer is yes (in most cases), but whether or not the effort will be efficient will be determined by factors such the size and scope of your company, expertise of your staff, available budget, time and willingness to risk encountering unexpected roadblocks along the way.

Small in-house IT departments often find themselves applying more time researching, developing and implementing – all of which increases costs – when sometimes an answer can often be found elsewhere. This is where many businesses fall short, as they lose time and money in the attempt to solve issues that arise at random, it often seems. Managed service providers have the capability of offering a much larger array of professional services and infrastructure that may not be available to in-house. Products including remote support software, server and database maintenance, network management, IP telephony, cloud services and security solutions.

Very few complications are new to a managed services provider. They maintain a multitude of clients with varying needs of support.

The benefits of a fully outsourced managed service provider include reduced costs, access to external expertise and improved operational performance. A holistic outsourced model can also allow businesses to better allocate internal resources on strategic projects and core business operations.

It’s an argument that many growing businesses will be asking themselves in 2015. Contact us for a chat about your IT.