Pro’s and Con’s of moving to the cloud

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As we discussed in our previous blog post, “demystifying the cloud” it’s important to know as much as possible about the advantages and disadvantages of moving some or all of your network and computing to the cloud.

As with every major business decision weighing up the pro’s and con’s is critical to making sure you have no regrets later.


  • No upfront capital outlay
    With many cloud options, there is minimal or no upfront capital investment in expensive hardware, software or infrastructure.  You can keep your capital to invest in activities that grows your business or reduces your costs over time.
  • Reduce the costs of maintaining equipment yourself
    In the case of renting infrastructure in the cloud, you leave the responsibility and cost of maintaining hardware and software with your cloud provider.
  • Scalability and flexibility
    Often with cloud based systems you are not locked into a contract term and can change your subscription to suit your requirements at any time.
  • Access anywhere
    Improve productivity with an increasingly mobile workforce by enabling access to your software or hardware from anywhere, using any device.


  • Security and privacy
    When moving to the cloud, you are handing over confidential data to a third party. The reality is that you cannot be confident that your data is 100% secure at all times.
  • Dependency and vendor lock-in
    Lock-in contracts, data retrieval problems and a lack of support are some of the problems you may face making it difficult to move away from a cloud vendor.
  • Less flexibility and control
    Most cloud based services offer very little control or customisation as compared to building or maintaining your own software and hardware.
  • Customer support can be limited
    Many cloud based systems, particularly software as a service, offer limited or no customer support, instead relying on user forums and blogs to deliver support information.
  • It can cost more
    The majority of business owners we speak to expect the cloud to deliver cost savings.  Whilst it’s true that moving to the cloud often means no or little upfront investment, over time it can cost more than an in house solution.

As cloud based services require Internet access and you are uploading and downloading more files from the internet, you might find that your internet connection becomes slower and/or your internet connection costs rise.

So before you dive into the cloud, make sure you understand what is important to you when it comes to how your IT performs and is managed.

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