Is Your IT Service Provider actually a Brake on Your Business?

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Earlier this year, Sydney SME employees were invited through a social media campaign called ‘I Hate My IT’ to vent their frustration about IT at work. business_slow

The video got 62,000 engagements in six weeks from employees overwhelmingly fed up with problematic IT and bad support.

Some of these people could be working for you.

The ‘I Hate My IT’ campaign was the creation of Sydney IT Service Provider Centrix Solutions.

Shocked by a study that revealed employees waste on average 22 minutes every day solving IT problems, Centrix decided to take the matter in hand.1

Spreading the word from the cubicles to the C-suite

The news about bad IT support’s impact on business crossed from the cubicles to the C-Suite –  119 hours of lost productivity every year because IT isn’t doing its job? How is that possible?

Well, it’s simple mathematics, and it affects every business’s bottom line.

According to the study, the cost of ineffective IT support is $3,456 per employee per year. If you run an SME with 30 staff, that’s $103,680 annually in lost productivity.2

The ‘I Hate My IT’ attracted employee attention with its cheeky animated video. But it’s no laughing matter if your IT is putting the brakes on what your business could really achieve.

Employee turnover: the real cost of a bad IT provider?

But there’s more than just money and your reputation as a business manager at stake. If employees feel frustrated, if they can’t do their jobs because their computer is always on the blink, they may decide to move on.

Talented employees who can find employment easily are the first casualties of a lacklustre IT system. Then you’re faced with replacing them.

According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, employers need to spend the equivalent of six to nine months of an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement.3

That costs your company anywhere from $30,000 to $45,000 to hire and train a replacement who was earning $60,000.

If out of 50 employees you have eight IT-driven resignations per year, the cost to your business would be $300,000.

The key to better business is better service: proactive and reactive IT

It’s common for IT companies to install equipment or software then get businesses to sign a maintenance contract. The contract promises they will monitor your IT for problems.

But it soon becomes clear that support only clicks in after something’s gone wrong. They respond to each crisis, applying band-aids to solve systemic problems. They’re often too slow to do so and they rely too much on remote support with annoying help desk procedures.

Ask yourself: if they are truly monitoring your IT system, why don’t they catch problems early on, before they bring your business to a standstill?

Centrix realised the difference between proactive and reactive IT is central to this problem.

Because Centrix provides active monitoring, they can see problems as soon as they crop up, or even predict them and take precautionary action.

Putting relationships back into IT services

After thinking about what they did differently to their competitors, Centrix realised they put the human being back into IT.

They take time onsite getting to know the needs and realities of your business and your employees so they become genuine partners in helping you prepare and removing barriers for growth. Then they routinely spend time on-site reviewing solutions and running preventative maintenance.

That’s an important shift in thinking: an IT service that’s on the same team as you. One that predicts when you’re going to want to expand services, and anticipates the processes involved.

At Centrix we’ve decided to help you make an informed decision about improving your IT. We’re offering our IT Plan and Risk Profile for free and taking $3,000 off any 12 month contract!

Normally the audit is valued at several hundred dollars, it will assess the IT status of your business, pinpoint sources of employee frustration and uncover areas of most risk that need immediate attention.

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