IP Telephony is much more than cheaper calls

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An overview of the Zultys IP Telephony System

Lots of business owners equate Voice over IP, also known as IP telephony, with reduced call costs. The truth is today’s IP telephony systems offer businesses much more than just cheaper phone bills.

In this blog, we want to show you a snapshot of how IP Telephony offers you enhanced communications, increased productivity and seamless integration with your IT systems. For the purpose of this example we will use the Zultys IP Telephony system.

What Zultys Offers

In a nutshell Zultys offers an all in one Unified Communications solution including:

  • Voice Mail
  • A Contact Centre
  • Presence (the ability to know where call recipients are)
  • Instant Messaging
  • Fax Server
  • Call Recording
  • Call Reporting
  • Conference Bridge
  • HD Desktop Video
  • Smartphone Mobility
  • Automated Attendant / IVR
  • Reduced call costs via SIP Trunking
  • 100% SIP – Flexible communications

Some of the advantages of Zultys

A complete solution
Zultys provides businesses with a total communications solution. By having just one hardware and software platform to manage it reduces the amount of administration required and subsequently lowers your costs.

Leverages open standards
Zultys is a SIP based platform allowing you the freedom to connect with not only traditional ISDN and PSTN lines, but SIP trunks, IP based phones, intercoms, conference phones, video and more.

Zultys is available in a variety of forms to work with your environment. It may be deployed in house, in a data centre, on its own hardware or within your virtualised environment.

Zultys has an enormous range of handsets and functions meaning there is a solution to fit different sizes and types of businesses. Because it’s a SIP system there are limitless options to match your requirements.

The simple user interface provides you with:

      • Voicemail, fax, IM, presence & video
      •  Single login user
      •  Operator
      •  Call centre agent
      •  Full visibility of all users
      •  Outlook Address Book synchronisation
      •  Runs on Windows, MAC & Linux desktops Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 32/64bit, Thin Client / Citrix

IP Telephony functionality

Scale up or down and across locations as you need

IP Telephony is highly scalable

  • One solution across all sites – 2 to 128 offices
  • Any mix of MX30/MX250/MXvirtual
  • 5 users to 10,000 users
  • 100% local site survivability
  • Redundancy across sites
  • Roam between locations
  • Presence & IM across all sites
  • Distributed Call Control
  • Distributed Voice Mail
  • Centralised management

So as you can see IP Telephony offers many more advantages than cheaper calls to businesses looking to improve their communications.

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