Holiday IT Tips

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Keep your business running whilst you take time off this holiday season with these IT tools and tips that will allow you to take time out of the office and keep your IT working.

1. Be prepared.

They say every festive period brings similar problems in terms of IT and personnel issues. That’s why nothing beats being prepared with a good plan.

Identify and delegate your daily tasks that must not stop even if you’re away. Don’t forget to pinpoint back-up plans should things go haywire. With careful and detailed planning, a business can operate under all circumstances.

2. Save on power, save on cost.

Switch off lights, power systems or even servers that your business will not be using for the time being. This way you can save on operational cost and also conserve energy.

3.  Set up out-of-office notifications

This is especially important when you plan to take a long holiday. Set automatic email responses and change your voicemail to inform people about your holiday plans so they are not left waiting. Careful now. They don’t need to know your itinerary, just the necessary details like when your holiday will start and when you’ll be coming back.

It’s best if you can provide callers with details of how to reach designated staff in case of emergency. Arrange call diverts when really necessary.

By the way, don’t forget a brief yet meaningful holiday greeting is A MUST.

4.  Assign a skeleton crew

If your business must continue its operations to support existing clients, you’ll need this kind of set up. This will require a right mix of people who are fully aware of each person’s task to ensure a seamless flow in service. Whoever is managing your IT must know who is available.

Your skeleton crew will also serve as your contingent action plan for worst case scenarios.

5.  Remote Access via Secure Download

We strongly recommend you have a remote access solution in place. You can also take advantage of cloud services to store all of your important documents in a central system that you can access anywhere in the world. We can help you with a cloud transition plan. Just let us know if you’re ready to make that move.

In the meantime, you can make use of web-based tools to keep some of the files you’ll need to access outside of the office.

  • Dropbox allows you to store and share files and folders that you can access anytime through laptops, desktops, smartphones, or tablets. For big storage requirements, you can check Dropbox Pro or Dropbox for business
  • LogMeln – Sign up for a personal account and this remote access and desktop control software will allow you to securely access your computer. You also have an option to download LogMeln Ignition for your mobile device.

6.  Utilise other tools to help you manage your business remotely

  • Microsoft Lync is a unified communications platform. It provides instant messaging, conference call and VoIP client for business environments. Its screen-sharing capabilities may come in handy should a colleague or employee require assistance with a software or IT issue. Lync is compatible with your Windows PCs, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android smartphones.
  • Pingdom offers a free account and iPhone app to monitor one domain so you’ll know if your website is down.
  • Delivery Status touch helps you keep track of all your packages. It supports more than various services worldwide, including Australia Post and TNT Express Australia. Manual set up tracking is also possible here.

7.  Turn data off when travelling overseas 

Mobile internet overseas is expensive. Connect to Wi-Fi in your hotel, in cafés, bars and restaurants. If you prefer more security in accessing your work, make sure your mobile will work wherever you plan to go. Check if you have international roaming if you’re going overseas. Note that some countries have mobile networks that operate on a different frequency. Ask your travel agent or hotel about it.

Remember whether you autopilot your business or remotely run it from an exotic destination, make sure you still enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

With great expertise in IT managed services and more, we can provide your business with tailored IT services Sydney-wide. Contact us for more information today.

Have a great holiday!