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GoogleNow_logoHave you noticed strange messages on your phone or desktop letting you know when it’s time to leave the office and how long it will take you get home?

You’ve now have a new personal assistant ready to help you thanks to Google Now. Google Now is Google’s personal assistant service – similar to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. But unlike Siri and Cortana, Google Now is available across all platforms. And most recently, Google began rolling it out to desktop versions of Chrome.

Google Now acknowledges voice and text queries and offers relevant information (using specialised cards) based on location, repeated habits, search history, and information leveraged from the Knowledge Graph. It also works offline.

With its latest updates and intuitive features, users are calling it “the perfect smartphone companion”.

Here’s a list of the why we think Google Now is cool:

1. It can get you to your destination faster, whether you’re driving or taking public transport. Its parking detector reminds you where you left your car, so no need to worry about forgetting where you’ve parked. Select your home or office address and it will tell you how long it takes to get there. If you’re a regular commuter, Google Now will remind you when the last train leaves and you can even set an alarm to make sure you don’t sleep through your stop. Best of all, Google Now warns you of traffic before you ask. The real-time incident reports allows you take an alternate route before you get stuck in a traffic jam.

2. It tells you when you’re near a product you’ve researched online. Google Now will alert you when there are stores nearby carrying those products you’ve previously researched.

3. It gives instant updates about weather, sports and stock market news. Know the day’s weather and the weather forecast for upcoming days. Monitor your favourite sports team or most-followed stocks including those you’ve searched for and the ones you’re tracking on Google Finance.

4. It makes travelling stress-free. If you’ve booked a trip, Google Now can keep track of your flight (using information from your email confirmation), and let you know when to leave the airport. It will also help you out with hotel information, car rentals, and suggest nearby places to visit. If you’re out of the country, you can ask for translation and currency conversion.

5. It shows you how far you’ve walked or biked. If you have Location Reporting and Location History enabled on your phone, Google Now will pop up a card once a month that shows an estimate of how far you’ve walked or biked, based on your phone’s accelerometer (Works on Android phones only).

Google Now is releasing new features all the time.  To get an updated list of its latest features and the list of some services it integrates with, check out Google’s list of cards. If you need further information on how to use Google Now, check out Google’s support page.

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