Five-year-old passes Microsoft exam

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A Microsoft exam, you say? That doesn’t sound very easy. Indeed, it’s not meant to be, although Ayan Qureshi, from Coventry in England, had no such difficulties.

After passing with 700 out of 1000, the five-year-old boy is now officially qualified to install and configure Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Qureshi, who moved to England from Pakistan with his family in 2009, is perhaps the youngest ever Microsoft Certified Professional. Wannabee techies: cue to pick up your jaw from the floor. Microsoft calls these tests “rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognised exams” and are usually taken by people who want to become IT technicians and are still necessary for many corporate and government jobs.

According to the BBC, Qureshi – under the guidance of his dad, Asim – first showed an interest in computing at the age of three and has his own computer network to play with at home. The young boy spends roughly two hours a day studying Microsoft’s operating system.

But don’t fret about your position just yet. Qureshi has no plans to put his skills on the market. For now, it’s school and a little more time at home, encrypting removable drives using Microsoft’s Bitlocker encryption software and troubleshooting Internet Explorer bugs.

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