Don’t let bad IT support sabotage your business

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Don’t let bad IT support sabotage your businessThere’s a problem at the heart of your organisation that’s costing you $3,456 per employee per year.1 Forget extended coffee breaks and cat videos, the real drain on productivity is your employees’ daily struggle with IT problems.

Twenty-two minutes a day, 119 hours a year, employees are wasting time trying to solve problems that are technically somebody else’s.2

Bad IT support is the unnamed barrier to business success. Why? Because no one wants to admit they don’t know how to fix their own problems, and there’s a kind of stigma attached to IT fails that rubs off on the person who has them. Your computer is having problems? Really? What’s wrong with you? What are you doing wrong?


Problems of insufficient IT support in business

Here’s an example of the problems employees get into with IT issues:

The IT guy is busy, or it’s his day off, or he’s busy getting his costume ready for Comic-Con. The server connection is down, meaning all the critical project data is inaccessible to Joe, who’s rapidly losing his mind in a red fog of stress.

Joe knows he should check the part in the project proposal where it talks about regional data capability, but the project needs to be green-lighted today, and Joe’s too nervous to bring the project to a grinding halt.

So he says nothing. The project rolls out beautifully until it gets to the head office – where it’s discovered Joe doesn’t have the right software installed on his computer to make it work. The IT guy is flown out at great cost to quickly fix a problem that should have been identified and dealt with much earlier.


The unacknowledged cost of ignoring IT issues

The more IT issues are ignored, the more they grow, consuming resources and preventing the business from reaching its potential. An employee cannot concentrate on developing a better asset management policy if her email is regularly dropping out.

Under these conditions, employee stress levels rise and employees begin to associate the workplace with frustration, anger and inefficiency. Sick days increase, a listless lack of motivation creeps through the culture. Talented staff walk out the door in frustration.

IT support should keep pace and improve the rate of achievement in a business, not act like a brake, dragging performance and morale to a standstill. IT is more than just another element in the work environment, its actions set the benchmark for business excellence. Without proper attention, problems will be fixed, rather than solved, a series of knee-jerk reactions to ongoing IT crises.


The solution

Because of its great value to businesses, IT is seen as a costly commodity. But IT support doesn’t have to blow out the budget. Productive and responsive IT support that fosters a relationship with your business does exist. It begins by talking to someone about the issues your business faces. So get in touch with us and begin the move to supportive, personal IT support.



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