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With so much software and hardware on the marketplace, deciding what to buy is often very daunting. Did you know that you can purchase your Hardware and Software through Centrix at competitive rates?

Centrix are licensed suppliers of the major technologies used by businesses across Australia. With our experience in working with a range of software and hardware systems, we are able to meet the needs of our clients by choosing and sourcing the right products for their specific needs.

Advantages of using Centrix for your technology purchases:

Our experience shows that it can be a much simpler and more effective exercise working with a single-source supplier for all your procurement needs.

Whether it’s managing your IT, hosting your Cloud services, or simply using Centrix to source the best and latest technology, Centrix has an entire team of experienced engineers with various skill sets and specialisations. We know technology. We know IT. We live and breathe it, every day.

With so much choice in the technology marketplace, it’s important to ask those with first-hand knowledge of the industry, to can lead you to the right solution and assist with your procurement needs.

Less hassle for you
By being able to purchase all your hardware and software from a single-source supplier is a huge advantage for any business, no matter how big or small. Not only do we offer the best products when they are released, but we let you know when subscriptions or licenses or support comes to an end, giving you the insight and time well in advance to either renew a technology or look for an alternative.

Ability for us to match your business needs with the right technology
Through our strong relationships with vendors and via our network of distributors, we supply and provide our clients with a large range of brand name systems, equipment from servers, desktops, firewalls, cabinets, monitors, modems, switches and wireless routers, printers, scanners and of course, all the latest Microsoft software that every business should be using.

Thorough procurement service
Centrix procurement services cover acquisitions of server infrastructure, networking and personal systems through to more general hardware and software.

Flexibility and convenience
Having a support contact for hardware/software enquires makes sense for many of our clients. With flexible contacts, using our procurement service as an add-ons or simply choosing to pay-as-you-go, Centrix offer convenience as well as flexibility to our clients.

Software licensing
With the legal complexities involved in software licensing, On-Site Technology can ensure that you obtain the licensing rights that you need for your application.

So the next time your business is looking at new technology, remember that Centrix partner with all the major IT vendors to provide an ever expanding suite of products for easy procurement.

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