… Did you know about our callback procedure?

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did-you-know-1In a recent survey*, every single one of our clients who took part answered that the overall service Centrix Solutions provides is either extremely responsive or quite responsive. We were obviously pleased to hear this. Without blowing our own trumpets (as we recognise we are not perfect), we do, however, believe that part of the reason behind this high percentage is a result our current despatch (callback) procedure.

*As you may remember, late last year we took the time to survey many of our clients to help gauge their level of happiness across a broad range of different service areas. These survey results offered us a better understanding of our current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. One issue that raised its head more than a few times was our current callback procedure. Question: Overall how responsive have you found Centrix’s service? Answer: Extremely responsive 54.5% | Quite responsive 45.5%.

We would hear you say:

“In an ideal world, it would be great to be able to speak to somebody right away without having to worry about receiving a callback, even though the callback times are very generally quick.”

While this request is very attainable and indeed understandable, there are reasons as to why this procedure is not always the best approach to delivering exceptional customer service to you, the client. In the past, we have indeed required an assigned technician to make themselves available right away. We found that this procedure wasn’t sustainable as resolution times were considerably longer than they are under the current callback procedure.

So, how could resolution times be longer if clients can access their assigned technician right away? It’s to do with improved focus (and less distraction) which leads to faster responses and resolution times. When you call in to Centrix, our experienced technicians are more than likely already servicing another client and/or in the middle of a complex task. For us to then require that technician to stop and begin another task without signing off on their earlier task is not productive, not professional, and – in our experience – leads to underwhelming service levels.

Through testing both approaches, we know that a callback within a reasonable amount of time, of course, is a much more efficient and effective practice then having our clients wait on hold or for any length of time.

Multi-tasking is an important element of being a skilled IT technician, and our team are often required to juggle a host of different tasks at any one time, however, in regards to responding to new tickets raised, we strongly believe that a reasonable callback procedure, is not only more practical but also more efficient – for us and for you.

Plus, we just hate to leave our clients on hold for any length of time. We know you’re busy, but we also know you require action and/or advice quickly.

Our average high-priority-ticket callback time is between 7-8 minutes, and although we are always looking at improving response times and advance our level of service more generally (hence the survey), Centrix acknowledges that in some circumstances, a callback is not always an option, and we are very flexible in these cases.

We have a formal agreement with all of our Managed Services clients to respond to any support queries with an agreed time frame. We also provide transparent reports to all of our clients on response times and also end-user satisfaction levels.

Centrix is committed to providing a level of service and dedication to our clients that other Managed Services Providers simply cannot manage. Not only do our clients get reliable a support desk representative, but also a dedicated on-site technician.

At Centrix it really is “all about you” and our call back process has proven to be the most responsive and effective process for handling support requests. That way you receive our support technicians undivided attention and focus. We’re always open to hearing feedback (good or bad, of course) from our clients, so be sure to let us know how things are travelling with your IT.