Decentralise your business for success

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decentralise businessA decentralised business means that teams and staff can work independently of a central business location. Teams work collaboratively using tools, communications systems and devices that enable them to be productive regardless of their location.

For decentralisation to work well, great IT systems need to be put in place to enhance communications, accessibility and collaboration.

What Decentralisation delivers 

Decentralisation is growing as the workforce becomes empowered by new technology. Once productivity is no longer tied to proximity, you can create new opportunities for job-sharing, working remotely, telecommuting and follow-the-sun global workflows or distributing workloads to different geographical locations to more efficiently balance resources and demand.

The benefits of Decentralisation include: 

1. You can make the most of the talent within your organisation. With the help of the right tools, no worker will be underutilised because everyone is given the means to contribute to the productivity and success of the whole organisation. You can bring together virtual teams spread across offices, oceans and time zones rather than putting people together because they happen to sit near each other.

2. You can easily ensure that decisions are made quickly. Decentralisation makes a business more nimble and agile. Instead of relying on key staff to be in the same place at the same time, quick decisions can be made through tools like video conferencing, instant messaging or centralised project management tools. Teams can quickly communicate and keep projects moving.

3. Risks to business continuity are reduced. There are situations we can’t control like sickness and other type of emergencies. An organisation with a decentralised structure can continue to operate in the absence of the owner, or should you not be able to operate from one of your locations. The organisation is self-sufficient because managers and employees are accustomed to working autonomously and can work from anywhere.

4. It’s easier to attract and retain talent. A decentralised workforce supported by the most effective productivity tools is attractive to people in search of workplace flexibility.

5. It reduces your costs. Decentralisation offers the ultimate flexibility whilst eliminating expensive overheads like office space and travel costs.

How to make Decentralisation work 

The success of a decentralised business structure lies in the use of business-grade productivity and collaboration tools. These tools can help you optimise the benefits of a decentralised business:

  • Online collaboration suites – When teams have reliable collaboration tools, they spend less time doing unnecessary work such as checking their emails, and more time getting real work done. Some of the most widely-used online collaboration tools today include Zoho, Wrike, Asana, Slack, and Jira and Confluence.
  • Project Management Systems – These tools allow you to plan, manage, track, monitor, and schedule tasks and projects to reduce stress for yourself and your staff. Some of the most popular project management tools are: Basecamp, MS Project, Trello, Mavenlink, and Accelo.
  • Communication tools  – Business-grade communication tools enable maximum productivity. Trade your traditional phone system for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Lessen your business travel and invest in a reliable video conferencing. The latest business-grade communication tools your business can use for conferencing, document sharing and encrypted messaging are:  Microsoft Skype for Business, Campfire, Yammer, Clickmeeting, AIM Pro, and KonoLive.

Decentralisation levels the playing field for everyone. Large organisations are be able to act more like a nimble small business. Whilst SMEs can tap into affordable and scalable enterprise-grade services to be able to compete with their larger competitors.  If you are looking to decentralise more of your business functions and would like independent expert advice on an IT strategy, contact us today for a free consultation.