Clutter for Office 365

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Office 365_DeclutterFor those of us who have to deal with hundreds of emails daily, gaining control over our inboxes seems to be an impossible feat. Well, not anymore.

Microsoft recently introduced a new Outlook feature for Office 365 business customers that promises to bring order to the chaos of your inbox.

“Clutter” for Office 365 is meant to declutter your inbox. It’s created to change the way your inbox behaves, so you can focus on the most important emails that require your immediate attention.

How Clutter works

This new feature uses Microsoft’s Office Graph machine learning engine to sort out emails based on the user’s unique actions. Clutter learns the user’s preferences and uses them to deal with incoming emails. It’s like the filtering option you do before where you set up rules and specify folders for the emails you receive. But this time around, the machine creates the rules for you based on how you deal with every email you get. For example, if your machine detects that you’ve moved a particular newsletter to the Clutter folder, all future newsletters from that particular sender will be sent to the Clutter folder. You no longer need to do this yourself or manually set up the rule which, by the way, can also be time consuming.

With the Clutter feature turned on, all your important emails end up in your Inbox whilst unimportant messages are sent to your Clutter folder so you can deal with them later. Emails kept in the Clutter folder remain there until the user gets time to review and process the messages or they age out and are removed automatically by the Managed Folder Assistant (MFA).

Clutter Folder

A reliable automatic processing

The Clutter folder is accessible across many email clients including Outlook, OWA, OWA for devices, or EAS connected devices.

Although Clutter is enabled for all Office 365 tenants, users have to switch it on for their mailbox. In short, you need to opt in to make it work. If later on you decide Clutter doesn’t work for you, you can turn it off from the OWA options page. But existing emails in the Clutter folder will remain there even if Clutter is turned off.

As soon as you enable Clutter, it will automatically add a folder to your mailbox’s favorite folders list, alongside the inbox, sent Items, and whatever other folders you already have. Yes, you can still keep those previously defined folders, including the rules you’ve set. Clutter will clean up your inbox after your regular rules are finished with their work.

Clutter also works with the People View feature to identify senders who are important to you so you won’t miss any messages from them.

For OWA users, however, there’s an added bonus. You have an option to mark emails as Clutter or not Clutter. Unmarked items are then moved back to your inbox. This feature is currently not available for other email clients.

To know if you’re not missing any important email, occasionally check the Clutter folder just to be sure all is working as it should.

Don’t be a slave of your inbox. Clutter was created to make you more productive and effective, and most importantly, to keep you sane.

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