Backup and Disaster Recovery

It’s good business practice to protect your most valuable business assets. Even with the advanced technology available today, the majority of business information is stored on infrastructure that is vulnerable to failure and loss of data.  Fortunately, with a strong back-up and disaster recovery process you can harness technology to keep your business running should the unexpected happen.

Many businesses would not be able to operate if their premises were impacted by a disaster. A system for regular backups and a fully documented and tested disaster recovery plan is essential insurance for your business.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions

There are a variety of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions depending on the size, complexity and operational structure of your business.

At Centrix, it’s always been our philosophy that our solutions are “powered by you” and it’s no different with our Disaster Recovery plans.

Each client is unique and we will create a unique backup solution and Disaster Recovery plan for your business.

Features of Backup and Disaster Recovery

Benefits of Disaster and Backup Recovery

 13_transprent_maroon Protection of your entire network 
Should your network or system fail, you will readily have available a backup that you can quickly restore from.
 16_transprent_maroon Rapid restoration 
Whether it’s a single file or your whole network, it is possible to recover in minutes.
 8_transprent_maroon Flexibility 
Back up schedules are set to best suit your business activities. There are also multiple backup solutions that Centrix can offer you, including local or cloud solutions.
 24_transprent_maroon Hardware independent restoration
Regardless of what hardware you have available in the event of a disaster, it is possible to restore your backup on any practical device.
 9_transprent_maroon Reduced risk 
Have full peace of mind knowing that you have an adequate backup protecting you from loss of time, productivity and costs, in the event of a system failure or disaster.
 12_transprent_maroon Business continuity 
Keep your business operating smoothly in the event of disaster. Keep your customers content and maintain strong relationships through smooth and effective operations and service delivery.
 17_transprent_maroon Increased resilience 
Bounce back into business as usual as quickly as possible! Mitigate costs associated with unexpected disaster recovery including the impact on revenue or profitability.


For a comprehensive and customised backup solution, and/or disaster recovery plan, contact Centrix for an obligation free IT consultation.